How to support Reading’s small businesses during the coronavirus

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We’re in strange, confusing and uncertain times, aren’t we, Reading? But the one thing Explore Reading is certain about right now is the need to support our small, local and independent businesses. Many of our small traders rely on daily turnover and are unsure what the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing advice means for them.

But, although many of Reading’s indie businesses, cultural sites and community groups are closing their on-site services, they’ve reacted quickly, setting up online stores, delivery or takeaway services, gift vouchers or even putting their services online. Now they need your support to get them, and the town, through this scary period.

We often hear the phrase “use it, or lose it” in relation to our indies in Reading. Well, now more than ever is your time to use it, so that our town is still full of brilliant, enthusiastic and excellent local businesses when we all emerge from our sofas.

Find out below how you can help some of Reading’s independent businesses and culture organisations during the coronavirus pandemic, even if you’re self-isolating. Make an online order, or buy a voucher and help keep our local small businesses going and get our town’s best goods and services to help you power through the next few weeks (?!), months (?!) .

Take care Reading, stay safe and keep supporting local businesses.

Are you a small Reading business not on this list? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll try to include you.

Support Reading’s cafes, restaurants and cultural organisations.

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