Overheard in Reading in October

Claire Slobodian
Overheard in Reading

The silliest, weirdest, funniest things people say on the streets of Reading. This month we spend time in the Turtle basement, smelling our sweat and doing our shoelaces.

Read down for all the things I’ve overheard in Reading this month below, and don’t forget to Tweet your own!


I used to spend a lot of time in the sex dungeon at the Turtle

You’re not educated enough to tie your shoelaces?

Do you find your sweat smells of celery?

Cornflakes are just shit, hipster Frosties

I’m quite happy being a human.

Just let me brainstorm with myself right now

Why are pigeons so brave?

Why is velcro not socially acceptable?

I’m not bragging, but I’m a clever little fucker

What do you mean 9am is too early for you to drink alcohol?

Why would you want to taste a cold condom?

Hello, You made me bacon once

See last month’s lineup

Heard something weird?

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