Overheard in Reading in September

Claire Slobodian
Overheard in Reading The MERL

After a month off for the summer, our Overheard column is back to share the silliest, weirdest, funniest things I’ve heard people say on the streets of Reading. This month two of Reading’s big cultural institutions get the Overheard treatment, and so does Q Club, also home to culture of a sort, I guess.

Read down for all the things I’ve overheard in Reading this month below, and don’t forget to Tweet your own!


The MERL’s incredible. It’s got a car park and everything.

I ended up in Q Club last night. It was horrendous.

It’s 2018. Who’s even eating bread anymore?

Why are pigeons so brave?

I’d quite like to go see that new thing. The Abbey ruins. They’re brand new.

I discovered tacos last night. Have you had them? Brilliant!

How do you accidentally buy meth?

I used to work for Pharrell Williams. But I work for my Dad now.

He took me into his bush. It was quite spacious.

I thought it was a hedgehog. Turns out it was my son.

Why is velcro not socially acceptable?

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