Overheard in Reading

Claire Slobodian
Overheard in Rdg

Back in May, I overheard a snippet of a friend’s conversation that made me burst out laughing. Caught out of context it was silly, funny and weird. It reminded me of Time Out’s Word on the Street column, something I used to put together when I worked there. I took to the Explore Reading Twitter account to ask if you would like to read one of those for our town, and you agreed. So here it is: Overheard in Reading.

Once a month, Explore Reading will share the funniest, silliest, strangest things we’ve overheard on the streets of Reading. Above are the little nuggets of conversation we’ve overheard this month.

Heard something wierd?

Don’t forget to Tweet us your own snippets.  We’re on @explorerdg, and use #OverheardinRDG.

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