Haley Heynderickx interview

Haley Heynderickx is a Portland based singer-songwriter. Ahead of her intimate show at the Rising Sun Arts Centre on Sunday 6 May, Haley talks to Explore Reading about her debut album, touring, and her favourite musicians from her city.

Hi Haley! How are you feeling about your upcoming UK tour dates?

Hello there! A little overwhelmed, but overall good. The traveling gets a little hard on my body, but I’m still having a wonderful time.

Other than the shows, do you have anything that you hope to see or do whilst you’re in the UK?

I’m letting the current take me! If I meet the right people at the right time, I hope some locals will help show me around. Unfortunately, the tour schedule is so tight, I don’t have many days to be the tourist I’d like to be.

Your new album ‘I Need to Start a Garden’ was released this year, how was the process of creating and compiling these songs?

It was a patient one. Took me three different tries with three different recording set-ups to capture the tunes the way that felt right. I’ve been writing these songs over the last few years, everything came together when I met my producer Zak Kimball, who I realized was just as strange as myself. It was a great match.

Your lyrics brilliantly paint vivid imagery for the listener, perhaps best seen in “Jo”. Are there any writers/songwriters who do the same for you?

There are so many! Connie Converse, Vashti Bunyan, Dylan.

Coming from Portland, do you have any musicians that you’d recommend we check out from the area?

Yes! There are musicians tucked into every nook and cranny around the city. Some of my favorites are Y La Bamba, Edna Vazquez, Little Star, Sheers, Kulululu, Barna Howard just to name a few.

Where has been your favorite place to play?

I wish I could say, each venue has their own flavor. They range from tiny house shows in a Barcelona living room to small festivals I’ve experienced in Austria. Being in Switzerland is a treat too. It’s so strange to type all this out, after two years, I’m beginning to feel rather well travelled.

What do you do in your spare time between traveling and playing shows, do you have any games to battle the boredom?

I wish I did. I spend a lot of time journaling, but that’s more for my mental health. I admit I’m a rather boring person outside of the music. I accept the boredom as a part of me. Maybe I’m a window-leaning daydreamer to pass the time.

And finally, if you could pick three musicians to join you on your dream tour, who’d you choose?

I’d choose some homies from my hometown. I’d bring Vikesh Kapoor and Tre Burt and Sheers with me. Then I’d feel like I was in my backyard every night.

Haley Heynderick plays Rising Sun Arts Centre on Sunday 6 May, book tickets

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