Reading band of the month: Adam & Elvis

adam and elvis

In our second Reading Band of the Month column, Matt Dyson shows why you should explore six-piece alt-pop band Adam & Elvis. 

Who?: Patrick (vocals), Thomas (bass), Steve (keys), Anna (sax), Dan (guitar), Roddy (drums), Martha (vocals)

Why explore?: If you like your art rock anthems to simultaneously sound like a 3am transcendental swoon across a beer-stained indie dance floor and a hyper-literate bedroom confessional of unhinged youth, you will find a lot to love in Adam & Elvis.

Founded by brothers Patrick and Thomas Malone, over the years the sound has veered from tongue-in-cheek odes to suicide with imploding Pixies riffs to state-of-the-nation opuses, full to bursting point with a melting pot of sonic yearning and 21st century existential dread. Likewise, the brothers’ changing line up has at times seemed like a homage to The Fall.

Right now they seem to have hit on the sweet spot with their current set and expanded band, as they gear up for the release of their second album, Pub Grub. According to Patrick it’s “influenced by what came just before punk and just after. The pub rock scene and nuwave.” And with modern Britain skirting around the plug hole of dystopia, who better to remind us that there are still wide-eyed artists and underdogs leading the dance from the underground, than this lot?

Most likely to: talk to you about Mexican literature during an anti-Brexit march on Parliament that descends into an all-night pub lock in.

Least likely to: release a hair metal album.

What to buy: Through Snow & Small Talk (2017)

Where to see them: Adam & Elvis will support Dutch indie-rock band Pip Blom on Thursday 30 May at South Street Arts Centre. They also play at Readipop Festival on Sunday 14 July.

If you can’t wait that long, they’re at Alt Great Escape in Brighton on Friday 10 May at the Admiral. And the band are starting a new night called Grub Club at RISC this September.

File next to: Pixies, Fat White Family, Dexys Midnight Runners, Teardrop Explodes, Chas and Dave.

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