Shoals release new single ‘Polar Bears’


To coincide with their appearance at this year’s Are You Listening? Festival, Reading-based band Shoals have released a new single on Musical Bear Recordings called ‘Polar Bears’.

This four piece guitar band have been around for a few years then took a two-year break before coming back to play some notable gigs supporting Inspiral Carpets and The Bluetones.

So you now wanna know what the single is like – right? Well if you like your music steeped in ’60s psychedelia tinged with Harvest-era Neil Young and early Byrds then you’ve come to the right place my friends. As mellow as it gets they add arrangements not unlike those masters of mellow indie rock Teenage Fanclub – high praise indeed. They also reflect the perfect time of British indie – that jangly sound reflected in bands such as The Razorcuts and Field Mice.

This is a torch anthem and has more hooks than the British fly fishing championships. Aaron Biggins vocal floats across the shimmering guitars and whilst the arrangement is simplistic it’s a song fitting for a lilo in the sunshine and a can of special brew in the other hand.

Listen to ‘Polar Bears’

‘Polar Bears’ is released on the Saturday 27 April on Musical Bear Records. Preorder the single from iTunes.

Shoals play as part of Are You Listening? Festival at South Street Arts Centre at 5.45pm on Saturday 27 April.

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