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Tyler Hallows

Irish, alt-rock four piece Otherkin have played in Reading many times and built a big local following for their sweaty live shows at local venues including Oakford Social Club, Purple Turtle and even Reading Festival. Ahead of their highly-anticipated gig at Reading’s Face Bar on Wednesday 25 October, we speak to the band about their debut album OK, their ties to Reading and the weirdest things they’ve experienced at a gig.

So you are embarking on your headline tour of the UK, how are you feeling about it?

We’re pretty excited just to be heading out on the road to be honest! A few of the songs on the album haven’t been played live before, or certainly to a crowd who had heard the songs before so looking forward to people shouting back the lyrics!

For people who’ve never seen you live before, what can they expect from your set?

A sweaty, noisy, rock ‘n’ roll show.

Do you have a favourite song to play live?

I think ‘Yeah, I Know’ is a fan favourite, so it’s always fun to see people go nuts to that song.

You have ties to Reading, having played the festival, and in town a few times, as well as touring with our very own band, The Amazons. Last time you played at Purple Turtle, it saw a stage invasion! What keeps bringing you back to play incredible shows here?

Yeah, we’ve a bit of history with Reading! Our English brothers The Amazons are from there and Reading Festival was our first ever UK show (and our first show ever outside of Ireland). I think Reading was one of the first places that really showed us love and we’re really stoked to be playing there soon as our set at Reading Festival this year was especially nuts. Round two baby!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever experienced on the road?

When we played in Russia we went to a Russian traditional bath which included us all butt naked, doing shots of vodka and singing karaoke (they only had The Beatles) with the locals. Can’t really beat that for weird stories!

You’re debut album OK has just been released. How was the process of writing and bringing the album together?

It was a pretty easy process, we locked ourselves away in the Irish countryside for a month last December. We got to take our time with the recordings and enjoy the whole process which made it a great experience!

Are there any bands you’ve been listening to recently, that’d you’d recommended checking out?

Just got into Idles recently, those guys are fucking amazing! The new Demob Happy tune is great also, seriously underrated band.

What do you do in your spare time between travelling and playing shows. Do you have any games to battle the boredom?

We like to drink in the van after we play a show and blare loud music ’til we fall asleep. Except our driver of course.

If you were in a tribute band, who would you cover?

Iggy Pop. The king!

Finally, if you could pick three bands for your dream tour, who would you take with you?

I think we had said before we’d love to tour with the Orwells and Fidlar, those guys seem to have a hell of a time on tour. Let’s throw The Amazons in there too, we had a serious Bromance with them this year and miss touring with them a lot!

Otherkin play Face Bar on 25 November, tickets are £6.50, Book online

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