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In our new Introducing series Explore Reading look at the best and most exciting Reading bands that deserve your attention. From local artists who have already made their mark on Reading to bands who’ve only just started, find out the acts you need to know about, and what they sound like, in our monthly column.

This month, get to know why you should follow alt-rock four-piece Mellor with our Reading band profile and an interview to see what the band say about themselves and to take you deeper into the world of Mellor.

Introducing Mellor

Who are Mellor?

Mellor are Gary, Sam, Josh, and Kris, an alternative rock band based in Reading. Formed in 2011, they released their debut single, ‘Catch Me Girl’, the following year and have been gigging across the UK since. They currently have a strong local following and are quickly building waves across the country with their infectious songs and live show that’s like a force of nature.

You’ll like them if you’re a fan of…

Breakneck riffs, high energy guitars, melodies that worm their way around your mind, and a rhythm section that pummels you through each song.

Why should I go see them?

Mellor are known for their tight live shows that always border on chaos. Songs like ‘Win Me Over’ rush through at an incendiary pace, whereas more eclectic moments on songs like ‘My Intentions Are Good’ take you to a different world. If you’re looking for a rock band that combines aggression with groove, this is the band for you.

Where should I start with their music?

Mellor released six singles in 2017, so there is a bunch of material to explore. Standouts include recent single ‘Fire on Fire’, and arguably their greatest song, ‘I Don’t Know Where You’re Sleeping Tonight’.

Interview with Mellor

2017 saw you bring out a wealth of new singles, six in total! Do you plan to continue with that consistency in 2018, or will there be an EP, or something else new, for us to look forward to?

It’ll be more of the same this year! We’ve recently come out of the studio with five new tracks that are sounding great, so these will be making an appearance.

Our first release of 2018 will be a track we recorded last summer called ‘Arms Length’ which has a bit of a darker meaning behind it compared to the songs we put out last year. That will be out on 16 February.

There’s been a running theme with our previous three releases and this upcoming release as well, so we also wanted to collate them on an EP with some weird instrumentals linking them – we’ll have physical copies of that available from 16 February to coincide with the new single.

You’ve always been know as having lively gigs, but they seem to have stepped up a gear since Kris joined on second guitar last year. How’s it been since he joined?

It’s certainly stepped up a gear, Kris has been a great addition. Since we introduced a second guitar instead of keys, it’s given us a lot more freedom to experiment with our songwriting which I think stands out in the songs we’ve released since Kris has been with us, and the songs we’ll be releasing this year as well.

What is your songwriting process like?

Pretty simple really. We have a rehearsal space over in Hurst that we try and write in together as much as possible; a song idea could crop up from any one of us.

Gary may come to a rehearsal with something he’s written at home, Kris might come up with a weird guitar part, or we might be having a jam and something just feels right.

Once we’ve got a an idea to work with, we’d usually arrange the form of the song and then all put our individual parts on top of the idea we started with.

Where is your favourite gig venue to play in Reading?

The Purple Turtle, followed by the Oakford Social Club. We’ve had some great gigs in both venues!

Where would you like to see yourselves a year from now?

Every band wants to be at the top don’t they, so it’d be very easy to say we want to sign with a major, have an album ready to go, be touring with great bands, and playing huge shows and festivals, but it’s not an overnight thing.

Everything can click into place for a band very quickly, but it can also take time and a lot of hard work to get to where you want to be.

An obvious goal would be to play our hometown Reading Festival, that would be pretty special. As long as things are going in the right direction and the crowds continue to increase like they are, we know we’re doing something right.

Find out more about Mellor on their Facebook page.
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